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Resilient, scalable, reliable, and secure platforms for Governments and Enterprises. Software is critical to mission success, we help deliver it.



Structsure is a robust DevSecOps Platform Suite built on Kubernetes, Crossplane, and Big Bang. It empowers software development teams to deliver mission-critical applications securely, with the agility to scale and adapt to challenges.
In the Cloud · On Prem · At the Edge
Console is our proprietary solution that enables administrators to dramatically reduce time spent managing users and their access across all collaboration tools.
Developer Collaboration Environment
A secure and reliable place to build your cloud-native applications.
CI/CD Pipelines
Ensures the flawless delivery of your most critical applications with security and reliability built in from the start.
Application Operations
Parity and unwavering security for all your critical applications at the highest security enclaves, regardless of industry or regulatory roadblocks.
Experience the power of Structsure
With Structsure, the age-old dilemma of "build vs. buy" is rendered obsolete. Structsure provides a serious head start right out of the box, allowing engineers to get right down to developing applications—instead of spending months or years researching, designing, building, and securing a custom platform from scratch.
Platform and Application developers can focus on coding, and not managing tooling chaos.
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DevSecOps Process
Structsure aligns with the DoD's DevSecOps Reference Design and ensures that your software can weather any challenge, scale effortlessly, perform consistently, and maintain the highest security standards.


SmoothGlue is an edge capable application framework. It empowers application developers to access interoperable microservices via API. These are the stepping stones to executing complex behavior in a simple package.


Connect microservices effortlessly for data-driven brilliance.

Geometric Shapes


Solve complex tasks made simple through intuitive APIs.


Build modern, data-aware apps that stand out.

The ultimate building blocks for modern, data-driven applications.

Integrated Support

Services that enable Platform Engineers and Application Developers to scale and deliver real-world impact for their organizations. We run the platform so you can focus on furthering your mission.

Big Bang as a Service

Operations, integration, maintenance, and support.

Mission App as a Service

Operations and development support.

Operations support from BrainGu experts.

Application Development

BrainGu offers hands-on Application Development support from experts. Delivering real-world impact at the speed of relevance. Talk to us about your biggest pain points, and let us help you solve them.
Custom Applications