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Integrated Support

Services that enable Platform Engineers and Application Developers to scale and deliver real-world impact for their organizations. We run the platform so you can focus on furthering your mission.

Big Bang as a Service

BrainGu provides hands-on operations, integration, maintenance, training, and customization on an annual subscription for Structsure.
Our Subject Matter Experts enhance your existing dev teams by providing all day-two operations support, including Onboarding, Operations, Integration, and Maintenance. Our industry defining experts will unlock your teams ability to innovate using our platforms.
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Resources, guidance, and assistance to ensure that developers can quickly become proficient and comfortable in the Structsure environment.


Comprehensive management of the platform, ensuring it functions reliably, efficiently, and supports the secure development and deployment of applications.


Services facilitate the flow of data, processes, and functionality across different tools and systems, creating a cohesive and efficient environment for developers.


Ongoing care, support, and optimization of the platform to ensure it remains secure, efficient, and up-to-date.

Mission App as a Service

Hands-on operations support from BrainGu experts. Deliver impact in days, not years.
Mission App as a Service is application operations support to satisfy whatever needs your organization has.
Installation & Onboarding

Install, test, and demonstrate that the feature works in the customers desired environment. BrainGu will also provide instructional documentation for application users.

Deployment Support

Support instances of the application deployed to multiple edge, cloud and on-prem environments.

Operations Support

Comprehensive management of the application, ensuring it functions reliably and efficiently. Includes keepalive support, security upgrades, system upgrades and more.


Provide initial training on all app functionality.

Give your existing team additional lift, unless you don't have one—then let us be your team!

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