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Edge capable application framework

Enhance your development with SmoothGlue™, providing a user-friendly gateway to interoperable microservices for effortlessly creating complex app behaviors.

Software Defined Warfare

In the age of software defined warfare, every combat domain is rapidly evolving into a seamlessly connected digital landscape. This transformation is at the core of SmoothGlue – a modern distributed platform that delivers cutting-edge JADC2 capability. SmoothGlue bridges the gap between operational and tactical levels, revolutionizing C3BM planning, execution, and debriefing applications. It's more than software; it's the key to success in modern warfare.

Enterprise Data-Mesh Platform

SmoothGlue actively enhances data accessibility and availability for business users. It connects data owners, data producers, and data consumers directly to improve business outcomes in data-centric solutions and drives the adoption of modern data architectures. SmoothGlue empowers businesses to take control of their data ecosystems and unleash the full potential of their data resources.

Active Components

Map Visualization

Plan missions more effectively by visualizing all assets, forces, and battlespaces at any given time throughout the mission. This provides mission owners and operators an accurate visualization of the entire mission as it evolves over time.


Universal data parsing allows users to import, export, and parse data across application components. The Interoperability component has the ability to consume data in machine to machine formats such as XML, parse it, and export in another language such as JSON. It also includes a USMTF parser which can ingest human readable orders such as ACO, ATO, etc.

Data-Aware Message Bus

Allows different applications or different instances of the same application to share data in PubSub (Publish/Subscribe) style.


Denied/Disrupted, Intermittent, and Limited bandwidth Communications Resilience Capability. Enables user-defined uni-directional or bi-directional data syncing when one or multiple deployments lose connectivity.

Cross-Domain Solution

Enables the automated streaming of data across a Cross Domain Solution such as AWS Diode. This allows data to cross classification enclaves quickly and seamlessly be ingested by another SmoothGlue built application.

Future Components

Asset Manager

Manage any asset, such as: people, equipment, vehicles, weapon systems, etc. For Government customers, we Include libraries of Bases, Aircraft, Watercraft, Vehicles, etc.

Event Manager

Manage nested events and their dependencies such as missions, operations, exercises, conferences, etc.

Mattermost Chat Integration

Enables application engineers to integrate a Mattermost chat instance into their applications for end-user usage.

Deconfliction Engine

Helps visualize and resolve conflicts of Events and Assets in real-time. The Deconfliction Engine provides a measure of safety and security by ensuring conflicts are highlighted so they can be resolved prior to operation execution.

Inventory Manager

Track consumables such as battery life, fuel, or shelf stock.

Ontology Manager

Allows users to interrogate data in order to identify detailed relationships between items and display them via knowledge graphs.

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