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Empower your team with a transformative developer experience
Structsure enables resilient, scalable, reliable, and secure automated DevSecOps software delivery for any project regardless of size, industry or regulatory roadblock.
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Structsure® is an internal developer platform built on top of Kubernetes, Crossplane, and Big Bang that enables software development teams to deliver mission-critical applications more securely, in weeks, not months.
Structsure empowers developers with a seamless experience.
Regulatory Compliance
Ensure compliance in any industry.
Easily adapt to varying workloads.
Built-in security for peace of mind.
Why do I need Structsure?
Because Kelsey Hightower said so:

Structsure Landscape

The BrainGu team of DevSecOps Platform Engineers carefully selects, integrates, and secures a widely expanding array of technologies from the CNCF Landscape and beyond.
That means you can get right down to developing your applications, instead of spending months or years researching, designing, building, and securing a custom platform from scratch. With Structsure, you can get a serious headstart out of the box, and always extend the capabilities with your own add-ons. Focus on coding and not managing tooling chaos.
Service Mesh
Security & Compliance
Access Control
Dev Collab Environment
Dev Experience
Security & Compliance
Access Control
Continuous Integration & Delivery
Deploy Target
Orchestration and CD
Access Control
Key Mgmt.
Data Mgmt.
Mission Apps
Backup & Restore
Key Mgmt.
Virtual Machines
Platform Tools
Infrastructure as Code
Key Mgmt.

Developer Experience Platform Principles

Tools should enable self-service, within reasonable guardrails, wherever possible.
Developers should be able to remain in a flow state from end-to-end for common tasks.
The Right Way should always be The Easy Way.


Structsure automates the most time-consuming and error-prone aspects of the software development lifecycle and is proven to increase application performance and deployment speed.
Platform as a service
Structsure Cloud is available as a fully managed, all-in-one PaaS where your developers can log in and get to work right away.
On your infrastructure
Structsure Enterprise and Edge Deployment Targets enable applications to be launched and managed in your infrastructure by your platform team or with operations support from BrainGu.
Developer Experience
Structsure Developer Collaboration Environment provides your team with a simple, efficient way to collaborate on your development workflows across a variety of commonly used tools, keeping devs in the flow state with project data at their fingertips
Updates and patching
The Structsure suite of capabilities simplifies ongoing Day 2 Operations like maintenance, system patching, and security updates for your environment, ensuring you’re running the latest, safest code.

What's in it for me, specifically?

Structsure automates the most time-consuming and error-prone aspects of the software development lifecycle and is proven to increase application performance and deployment speed.
Project Manager
  • All your team's collaboration takes place in one spot, easily accessible and collected despite existing across many different tools.
  • Manager controls allow you to vet users into your team and provide them with access to the tools they need to be productive on Day 1 of onboarding.
Platform Engineer
  • A huge starting advantage for building your internal developer platform by bringing all the basics out of the box - batteries included, no assembly required.
  • Get the easy stuff out of the way, so you can build the integrations and customizations that your organization needs most.
  • Built on top of Kubernetes, Crossplane, and Big Bang – Structsure is highly extensible and has a significant toolchain ready to go.
Software Developer
  • Build your app quickly with self-service tools - no more waiting weeks and months for infrastructure spin up.
  • Manage your own application lifecycle - deploy to development, staging, or production environments (so long as your code passes security checks).
  • Monitor and troubleshoot your code with easy access to logs across the stack.
Security Operations
  • Using Zero Trust Architecture limits downsides, while Single-Sign On helps centralize both Authentication and Authorization to applications in your purview.
  • Code from your app team is continuously vetted for security with every build through Pillars of Creation, BrainGu’s open source Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipeline tooling.
  • Technical controls to fulfill your compliance requirements are in place with reporting available to reduce your paperwork burden.
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Structsure Overview
Structsure Tech Stack
Structsure Console
Structsure Deployment Targets
Structsure CI/CD Pipelines

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