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Brands We Stan New Holland Brewery

New Holland Brewing Company is a local West Michigan brewery and distillery that we at BrainGu absolutely love.

Brands We Stan New Holland Brewery

New Holland Brewing Company is a local West Michigan brewery and distillery that we at BrainGu absolutely love.

Whether it's their great craft beers, delicious food, or excellent service, New Holland is a favorite of both local and visiting Guvians. But the reason we truly stan New Holland is because of their bourbon.

The BrainGu x Bourbon Tradition

Every holiday we send our employees gift boxes, thanks to the tireless efforts of Facility & Security Manager, April Johnson. One gift that has gotten the best reviews the last few years is the selected bourbon of the year, courtesy of New Holland Brewing Co. New Holland provided a private tasting for BrainGu’s founders. In 2020 we purchased our first barrel of Beer Barrel Bourbon []. A unique, first-of-its-kind bourbon. Beer Barrel Bourbon is aged in new American oak barrels before finishing in our legendary Dragon’s Milk barrels. The Dragon’s Milk barrels provide a softer, more rounded flavor with notes of vanilla and smooth dark malts.

This past year, the Founders also invited three other individuals who exemplify our core values, to the private tasting at New Holland, and we once again decided to go with the Beer Barrel Bourbon. We’ve doubled in size since December of 2020, so this was the first opportunity for about half the company to experience New Holland’s bourbon [disclaimer: participating in receiving the bourbon is optional, and limited to those employees over 21 years of age].

Change the Box - Rachel O'Donnell

Rachel came into BrainGu and has demonstrated a fantastic ability to assess a situation and maximize the resources available to achieve results. She builds on the knowledge of those around her to improve what is in place if possible, and is never afraid to start from scratch. Rachel brings a unique perspective to the BrainGu ecosystem and adapts BrainGu’s boxes’ to improve the company and our results.

Live with Passion - Tim Gast

Tim is a prime examplar of the Live with Passion value. His high quality delivery is on the front lines of BrainGu’s growth. His passion is apparent in his BrainGu work, and his homelife. Finding the balance and methods to incorporate his enthusiasm for learning and technology between his work and personal life is beneficial to all of those around him.

Focus on Community - Aaron Marco

Aaron is exemplary for focusing on community. He helped with the BrainBudget ADR, and demonstrated daily a firm belief in the BrainGU strategy and approach. He continuously reaches out and pushes others to better themselves, both inside the shell or outside.

Custom Logo

New Holland Brewery Logo

About New Holland Brewing Co.

It all started for us in 1997 when Brett VanderKamp believed that his hometown and the brewing industry were due for a shakeup. And so, New Holland Brewing Company was born in Holland, Michigan near the shores of Lake Michigan.

Today, New Holland is recognized as one of the leading innovators in the revolution of craft brewing and distilling. With nearly 500 team members, New Holland’s craft beer and spirits are sold across the country, and around the globe. Our retail presence continues to grow with two full-service restaurants, a spirits tasting room, two brick-and-mortar stores, and an online store.

New Holland Spirits

At the heart of our distillery is a story of rebirth, restoration, and exploration. Using an old prohibition-era pot still and our knowledge of brewing, we began exploring the flavors and complexities of spirits in 2005. From then onwards, we have been on a mission to create unique spirits made with care and expertise, from the grain to your glass.

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