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Announcing Structsure® 5.0 BrainGu showcases the latest release of its DevSecOps Platform Suite at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America 2023

The BrainGu crew is headed to Chicago to commune with adopters and technologists.

Announcing Structsure® 5.0 BrainGu showcases the latest release of its DevSecOps Platform Suite at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America 2023

Chicago, IL (November 6, 2023) - Fueled by a passion for innovative software platforms that are (rs)2 : Resilient, Scalable, Reliable, and Secure, the BrainGu crew is headed to Chicago to commune with adopters and technologists from the world’s leading open-source and cloud-native communities at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America 2023.

As a proud Silver Sponsor, BrainGu has carved out its own corner of McCormick Place West at Booth D27. But the BrainGu crew isn’t only in the Windy City to sample deep-dish—we’re also showcasing the ever-expanding capabilities of Structsure 5.0, the latest release of BrainGu’s DevSecOps Platform Suite.

Structsure enables resilient, scalable, reliable, and secure automated DevSecOps software delivery for any project regardless of size, industry or regulatory roadblock—in weeks, not months. Our team of DevSecOps Platform Engineers don’t believe in reinventing the wheel. Instead, they carefully curate, integrate, and secure a widely expanding array of technologies from the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) Landscape and beyond. Structsure is built on top of Kubernetes, Crossplane, and Big Bang–an open-source and Curated, yet extensible, development platform toolkit built for highly secure use cases.

With Structsure, the age-old dilemma of "build vs. buy" is rendered obsolete. Structsure provides a serious head start right out of the box, allowing engineers to get right down to developing applications—instead of spending months or years researching, designing, building, and securing a custom platform from scratch. Platform and Application developers can focus on coding, and not managing tooling chaos.

In the ever-changing tech world, it's easy to get lost in buzzwords that often don't deliver on their promises. With Structsure, our goal has always been to demystify these technologies and make them accessible, practical, and beneficial for developer teams. Some of the key technologies Structsure empowers you with include:

  • Containerization: Structsure is built from hardened OCI containers, ensuring applications and their dependencies are efficiently packaged, and their attack surface minimized.
  • CI/CD: Structsure's integration with GitLab, ArgoCD, and a fortified DevSecOps pipeline means your code changes are seamlessly transformed into secure, tested, and deployed applications.
  • Orchestration & Application Definition: We harness the power of Kubernetes and Crossplane, ensuring your applications and their infrastructure components are orchestrated without the fuss.
  • Observability & Analysis: Whether it's monitoring with Prometheus and Grafana, logging with ElasticSearch or Loki, or tracing with Jaeger or Tempo, you have a 360-degree view of your platform and applications.
  • Service Proxy, Discovery, & Mesh: With Istio's service mesh and Kiali's network observability, you get enhanced routing, load balancing, and airtight security with mutual TLS.
  • Networking, Policy, & Security: Structsure doesn't just talk about security; it enforces it. With Kyverno's policy-as-code and the choice between Twistlock or Neuvector for container security, we've got you covered.
  • Single-Point of Entry: Structsure streamlines access with its Console, a unified dashboard that integrates and manages all of your teams and their tools. Paired with Keycloak, it ensures secure Single Sign-On (SSO), simplifying user authentication and enhancing productivity.

At BrainGu, we're not just adding features for the sake of it. Each component of Structsure is meticulously chosen and integrated to empower developers. With us, you're not just catching up with the tech curve; you're ahead of it.

BrainGu Co-Founder, John Spencer-Taylor, Structsure CTO, Taylor Mitchell, and a group of BrainGu technical experts will be on hand to discuss how BrainGu’s modular and extensible architecture adapts to the changing needs and requirements of any customer. Explore how (rs)2 provides the necessary context and tooling to foster innovation through developer autonomy, all while improving platform stability and security.

While visiting BrainGu at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America 2023, you can also expect to:

  • Learn how Structsure 5.0 helps both Platform Engineers and Application Developers unlock innovation for their organizations or projects.
  • Score some rad burrito stickers and other pieces of highly coveted BrainGu swag!
  • Terminate Kubernetes pods with extreme prejudice in BrainGu’s hands-on chaos-engineering KubeDoom demo running on Steam Deck and powered by Structsure Edge.

Kelsey Hightower said ‘Rolling your own platform has never been easier. All you gotta do is pick 200 items from [the CNCF landscape] and you're good to go.’ We took that challenge head-on, curating the finest open-source solutions to craft a comprehensive DevSecOps Platform Suite that includes a single point of entry, a Data-Layer/Data Mesh Platform, an Internal Developer Platform, and App Operations Platform. As proud sponsors of KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America, we’re eager to connect and collaborate with some of the industry's best. - John Spencer, CEO & Co-Founder

Can’t make it to Chicago? Visit our KubeCon North America Event Page for more information and video content.

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