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Visit BrainGu at Air Space & Cyber Conference 2023

Visit BrainGu at
Air Space & Cyber Conference 2023
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Platforms that Enable Warfighters

BrainGu is a technology company specializing in developer-centric DevSecOps platforms and operator-driven mission applications.
We solve complex challenges by taking a human approach to incubating and scaling technologies that solve real-world problems in the hands of operators and mission owners. BrainGu’s platforms deliver resilient, scalable, reliable, and secure solutions for warfighters at the speed of relevance. We drive results in weeks, not years.

Structsure Overview

Structsure Logo
Structsure® is a robust DevSecOps Platform Suite built on Kubernetes, Crossplane, and Big Bang. It empowers software development teams to deliver business-critical applications securely, with the agility to scale and adapt to challenges.
The BrainGu team of Platform Engineers have carefully selected, integrated, and secured a widely expanding array of technologies from the CNCF Landscape and beyond.

Pillars of Creation

Structsure's CI/CD pipelines are hardened and built on top of Pillars of Creation, BrainGu's open-source CI pipeline. Pillars of Creation quickly validates and prepares code updates, guaranteeing they don't disrupt the current application and ensuring its seamless operation before users interact with it.
Structsure enhances Pillars of Creation by incorporating CD capabilities. Structsure automatically delivers new, tested software updates into action, making sure that improvements or fixes reach users as soon as they're ready, without any manual steps.

Service Mesh
Security & Compliance
Access Control

Dev Collab Environment
Dev Experience
Security & Compliance
Access Control
Continuous Integration & Delivery

Deploy Target
Orchestration and CD
Access Control
Key Mgmt.
Data Mgmt.
Mission Apps
Backup & Restore

Key Mgmt.
Virtual Machines

Platform Tools
Infrastructure as Code
Key Mgmt.

Structsure Edge

A distributed, decentralized capability that enables data processing locally across embedded systems, collocations, and local networks. This means that data analysis can now occur on a smart device at the network's edge.
Structsure Edge is a lightweight solution to bring your analytic processing tools and applications to where they are needed most, closer to where the actual data is produced, adding the most value when any combination of speed, cost, or efficiency is crucial.
Structsure is also available in Enterprise and Multi-tenant Cloud packages
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Carl Rosenblatt
Vice President, Revenue Operations
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Vernon (Chester) Guenther
Principal Product Owner
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Eric Anderson
Product Manager
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Holley Mariani
Account Delivery Manager
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Jillian Spencer-Taylor
Strategic Revenue Operations Manager
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Joey Mink
Principal Software Engineer (Team Leaed)

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