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Leveraging Big Bang

Big Bang is DoD Platform One's open-source framework for deploying instances of a DevSecOps Platform for DoD commands who need to build and run mission applications.

BrainGu's Platform Ops-aaS leverages DoD Platform One's Big Bang framework and amplifies our Structsure Platform to simplify and automate the development, staging, and production of your mission applications.

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Big Bang-as-a-Service

Pick the solutions you need to have your own DevSecOps Platform built with the Platform One baseline.

Run your mission apps securely through development, staging, and production pipelines on a BrainGu-operated deployment of the DoD Enterprise DevSecOps Reference Architecture built on top of DoD Platform One's Big Bang open source infrastructure baseline.

Past Performance: Army INSCOM Big Bang Deployment, LevelUP, and other "white label" installations.

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Structsure Platform

Control your data. Control compliance. Control technology.

Structsure Complete is an all-in-one cloud computing ecosystem for developing, running, and managing applications without the hassle of setting up and configuring infrastructure.

The Structsure [CTRL] Modular Security Overlays provide compliant encryption, logging, and single sign-on (SSO) capabilities. Now you can focus on building capabilities instead of configuring and documenting your services.

Elevate your next project’s chances of success by embedding IT automation into its foundation and ensuring your infrastructure’s security and compliance.

Secure. Scalable. Simple. Visit Structsure.com

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DevX-aaS is a specialized helpdesk and operational support for a software factory environment.

BrainGu staff provide hands-on architecture guidance and specialized operational support for your existing development teams looking to bring their code and workloads to a DevSecOps Platform.

This enables a customer to bring in traditional dev teams who are ready for DevSecOps, but require support to get started.