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Unveiling SmoothGlue Run

BrainGu Unveils SmoothGlue Run: Moving Beyond Platforms to Operating Systems.

Unveiling SmoothGlue Run

Grand Rapids, MI – BrainGu, a pioneer in software development solutions, today announced the launch of SmoothGlue Run, an innovative addition to the growing cloud-native landscape. SmoothGlue Run, the latest addition to SmoothGlue, BrainGu’s suite of tools for developers, reframes and reconsiders the traditional paradigm of ‘Deploy’, ‘Operate’ and ‘Monitor.’

We believe that the complexity of the cloud-native landscape is quickly moving beyond platforms to requiring distributed operating systems that run at a lower layer and remove cognitive complexity while providing context to meet the growing demands of the communities our products support. “With SmoothGlue Run, we didn’t want to put out just another opinionated DevSecOps platform in an already crowded CNCF landscape. We aimed for a thorough reevaluation of Internal Developer Platforms and DevSecOps practices. Instead, we address the evolving challenges and business needs in both the cloud-native and edge-native space” said Jamil Jadallah, BrainGu’s Vice President of Solutions Management.

SmoothGlue Run, is designed to be (rs)² –resilient, scalable, reliable, and secure– out of the box. A distributed operating system, it is tailored for delivering and distributing applications securely to both cloud and edge computing. Built on industry-leading tools like Kubernetes and Crossplane, SmoothGlue Run includes additional tooling that ensures a compliant and effective software delivery environment that will stand up to the needs of even the most critical and high security missions.

Central to SmoothGlue Run is the SmoothGlue Console, providing users with a comprehensive view of their infrastructure, software, and data across their environment. Console offers this essential functionality for free, and is the gateway to a range of advanced features, paving the way for easily integrating and activating future capabilities. It represents BrainGu's commitment to creating accessible yet powerful technology solutions.

John “Spence” Spencer-Taylor, CEO of BrainGu, stated, "With SmoothGlue Run, we're not just launching another product; we're fundamentally simplifying lifecycle management for platforms and the software that runs on them. It's designed to meet the evolving needs of today's tech leaders and mission-focused organizations, ensuring a future-proof way to deliver high quality software at speed and scale.”

Aimed at CTOs, CIOs, and application development leaders, SmoothGlue Run aligns with some of the most rigorous compliance and information protection regimes and standards, catering to organizations with high security and operational efficiency needs.

The introduction of SmoothGlue Run sets the stage for BrainGu's comprehensive suite of developer experience capabilities. The upcoming release of SmoothGlue Run add-ons will deliver even more operational capability and the future release of SmoothGlue Build will further enhance the 'Plan' and 'Code' stages of the DevSecOps lifecycle.

Jadallah further expressed his enthusiasm, saying, “The unveiling of SmoothGlue Run marks a significant milestone for BrainGu. Born out of our own internal challenges, this solution has not only been a testament to our problem-solving capabilities but is also a reflection of our commitment to the broader community. We are thrilled to extend the benefits of our innovation to others, showcasing our belief in collaborative growth and shared success.”

With SmoothGlue Run, BrainGu reinforces its commitment to innovation and support within the DevSecOps community, continuously adapting to the evolving digital landscape.

BrainGu will preview this new product offering at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe, booth #H-16, from March 19 - 22, 2024, in Paris, France. For more details about SmoothGlue Run and the full product suite, visit

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