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Visit BrainGu at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2024

Visit BrainGu at
KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2024
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Platforms that are (rs)2 resilient, scalable, reliable, and secure.

At BrainGu, our platforms deliver automated solutions that foster an environment where developers can thrive, deliver high-quality software with efficiency, confidence, and peace of mind.
We solve complex challenges by taking a human approach to incubating and scaling technologies that solve real-world problems in the hands of users and product owners. BrainGu’s platforms drive results in weeks, not years.

SmoothGlue Overview

SmoothGlue Logo
SmoothGlue® is a robust DevSecOps Platform Suite built on Kubernetes, Crossplane, and Big Bang. It empowers software development teams to deliver business-critical applications securely, with the agility to scale and adapt to challenges.
The BrainGu team of Platform Engineers have carefully selected, integrated, and secured a widely expanding array of technologies from the CNCF Landscape and beyond.

Experience the power of SmoothGlue firsthand

Try SmoothGlue Run Basic on Amazon Machine Image (AMI)

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Service Mesh
Security & Compliance
Access Control

Dev Collab Environment
Dev Experience
Security & Compliance
Access Control
Continuous Integration & Delivery

Deploy Target
Orchestration and CD
Access Control
Key Mgmt.
Data Mgmt.
Backup & Restore

Key Mgmt.
Virtual Machines

Platform Tools
Infrastructure as Code
Key Mgmt.

Learn More about SmoothGlue

Check out our presentation at Eurosatory, as well as our recent videos and posts.

BrainGu Presentations at Eurosatory

Thursday June 20
Exhibitor's Corner

DevSecOps At The Tactical Edge: The New Reality of Software Defined Warfare

Introduces the integration of DevSecOps into defense, transforming military operations with a security-first approach. This strategy enhances resilience, agility, and collaboration, ensuring rapid software deployment and threat mitigation. Emphasizing the shift to software-defined warfare, Gast discusses overcoming cultural and technical challenges, and the critical role of DevSecOps at the tactical edge for adapting to dynamic threats and ensuring mission success.


Meet the booth team

Barbara Vesely
Barbara Vesely
Director, International Business Operations
Cory Carter
Cory Carter
Application Development Value Stream Director
John Spencer
John Spencer
CEO & Co-Founder
Jenny Martin
Jenny Martin
Director of Events Marketing
Taylor Mitchell
Taylor Mitchell
Chief Technology Officer, Platform
Tim Gast
Tim Gast
Vice President of Labs

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