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"The future is already here, it's just unevenly distributed."

- William Gibson

Core Offerings

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Structsure Platform

An Internal Developer Platform to help your team adopt DevSecOps and deliver secure software rapidly.
Structsure's Deployment Targets provide a common compute architecture on top of Kubernetes for deploying your apps, eliminating config drift and complexity in multi-site deployments. The Developer Collaboration Environment provides version control, CI/CD, and other developer-focused tools to manage your workflow. These services are integrated together and presented as a unified platform that can be used by developers across the organization.
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SmoothGlue Framework

A Python/Django and Javascript/React framework for rapidly building applications.
SmoothGlue supports modeling objects across different domains and contexts via namespaces. It provides a flexible and extensible way to define objects, their attributes, and the relationships between them.
SmoothGlue's modular architecture allows developers to easily create apps for their specific use cases and integrate them with existing codebases. It lets devs focus on their specific business logic rather than the underlying infrastructure.
BrainGu Labs

BrainGu Labs

Need to treat an aircraft carrier like an iPhone? We got you covered.
At BrainGu Labs our team builds unique solutions which iterate and explore the art of the possible for both human and machine. For machines: we build exquisite integrations, AI/ML and custom analytics, 3D prototyping and additive manufacturing, and secure IoT and embedded development. For humans: we deliver deep subject matter expertise through the lens of tuning people and organizations to achieve the ideals of DevSecOps through both advisory and transformation engagements for culture, product management, agile process, and technical strategy.

Structsure Platform v4

SmoothGlue Framework v4

BrainGu Labs