Align technology and processes to rapidly reach business goals

Common Problems We Solve

Most often, clients engage with BrainGu to augment the efforts of an internal team. When a problem set is beyond the internal team’s capabilities, or when the timeline is too steep, we’re the infusion of energy that can revitalize struggling projects, and jumpstart innovation. From unusual systems integration to just-in-time development for mission needs, BrainGu provides results when it matters most. Typical problem sets fall into these categories:

Machine to Machine

Integrating complex technology systems, both hardware and software to improve performance, and ensure security and compliance.

Machine to User

Building software products that solve workflow and operational challenges with a focus on user experience and efficiency.

Human to Human

Resolving process bottlenecks to automate workflows and eliminate the barriers between people and information

Solution Areas



Problems of scale are all too common. We design virtual, cloud and on-premise architectures that enable scalability of hardware and software to meet changing mission and business requirements. Security and compliance always have priority.

  • Data collection, correlation,
    and processing
  • Automation for rapid deployment
    and recovery
  • Access and integrity controls for
    high security environments



In an environment where data collection massively outpaces most organizations’ ability to exploit, we provide expertise in developing systems and workflows that leverage data for decision support, analysis and collaboration.

  • Domain-specific collaboration tools
  • High throughput analysis/machine
    learning implementations
  • Secure data presentation on
    desktop or mobile


Human DATA Human

Often, collaboration presents challenges when disparate technology systems, security and compliance requirements are not aligned. We provide strategic guidance on technology and business processes that enable seamless collaboration and decision support.

  • Cybersecurity architecture and risk analysis
  • Hands-on, crash course training
  • Development process mentoring

Core Competencies

At BrainGu, our projects vary in subject matter, industry and intensity. And that’s the way we like it. Even so, there are core competencies that we deliver for nearly any project, regardless of scope. While our team is multidisciplinary and includes subject matter experts and specialists, we share these central capabilities.

Security & Compliance

All projects – by default, no exceptions – are managed and delivered with the highest emphasis on information security. We have deep vertical knowledge of compliance regulations by industry, and design high performance systems that meet compliance standards.

Software Engineering

We’re developers by trade. While individual specializations are diverse, at our core we design and build highly intricate, highly functional software using lean, clean code. We believe that if it can be imagined, it can be built, and we’re driven to make it possible.

System Integration

Uniting the disparate processes and technologies in complex system is what gets us up in the morning. At BrainGu we offer an objective perspective matched with deep technical expertise in order to evaluate systems, identify issues and lead the team to resolution.

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