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You have heard that agile is more than standing up and burning down. It’s a complex system. I challenge you to describe SAFe in a few words (spoilers, it can’t be done). My guiding advice when approaching the topic is to start with the basics, the values of the Agile Manifesto.

This article discusses how to use a custom hook to share logic between two components; one component targeting react-dom to render HTML and another component that uses the react-pdf renderer primitives for use in creating a larger PDF component. This article is focused on sharing component logic and does not include a deep dive into React nor the react-pdf renderer so you should refer to those packages’ documentation if you need familiarization with them.

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BrainGu puts an immense emphasis on the quality of our internship program. For the second year of our official Summer Internship Program, our focus has been on providing a stimulating and rewarding internship experience. As the organization grows and matures, so does our collective ability to provide an impactful internship experience. I’m confident that we have succeeded in making the 2021 internship program richer and more organized than last year.