In the GuLight: Harold Park

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Harold Park

Harold Park

Software Engineer

WIDOW was the first project I was assigned to at BrainGu. I helped build this baby from start to finish and it’s a project I’m very proud of.

How long have you been working at BrainGu, and what do you do here?

I have worked for BrainGu for about 1.5 years and I’m lovin’ it. I use web technologies to make stuff happen on the browser so my customers are happy about it and are more likely to fund us. Throughout my time here at BrainGu I learned that I enjoy front-end development more than the back-end counterpart, and that I become more fulfilled than anything when I help my peers solve problems.

What was your first position at BrainGu, and describe your journey to your current position?

I was originally hired on as an Associate Software Engineer, but was quickly promoted as I proved myself. I took on every opportunity that came to me: mentoring, internships, exercise supports -- and I’m grateful to have received recognition for that. I have since moved from team Pleiades working on WIDOW to team Pegasus to assist with rapid-prototyping day 0 applications.

What’s your favorite thing about working at BrainGu?

My favorite part about working at BrainGu is simply that our higher-ups care. BrainGu recognizes that everyone has a role in which they are best at, and will take note of our preferred type of work, tech stack, and project. BrainGu knows their engineers can work from home, and was one of the few companies (that I heard of) that is fully remote, even before the pandemic. BrainGu cares about our growth so they provide 10k every year as an education budget. BrainGu appreciates our personal needs and provides us with great benefits, which includes a generous PTO system. BrainGu acknowledges that we may go crazy working holed up in our rooms, so they encourage taking mental health days.

What’s been your favorite project that you’ve worked on so far?

WIDOW was the first project I was assigned to at BrainGu. I helped build this baby from its inception and it’s a project I’m very proud of. WIDOW has been used throughout multiple exercises such as WISNT, Orange/Red Flags, and Northern Edge. I have been lucky enough to fly over to help our Airmen navigate through our app and to receive crucial feedback for the app. WIDOW has since received numerous praises for speeding up communication by digitizing the mission planning process. Saved time = saved lives when it comes to making split-second decisions on the battlefield. I cannot believe our Airmen were using white boards and excel sheets to plan out missions! Not many developers can say that they have made a significant impact in the US DoD and I’m proud to serve our country.

Tell us about one of your passions, outside of work.

My biggest passion outside of work used to be gaming. However I’m starting to realize that I’m hitting a ceiling with the number of hours spent gaming in a lifetime. While I will still log on whenever my friends want to play games, I’ve started to pour more of my free time into music production. Music has always been an interest of mine and I would love to tell my life story one day in the form of an album. I spent a good chunk of my BrainGu budget on music lessons and gear and I’m slowly starting to build my foundation on my music composition!

Who Is BrainGu?

BrainGu develops custom DevSecOps software that enables mission success and boasts exceptional user and developer experience by working directly with end-users to solve their real-life problems and continuously improve capabilities. By automating pinch points, BrainGu innovates new ways to solve mission problems.

BrainGu’s vision is to solve complex national security challenges for the United States and its allies by incubating and scaling technology solutions that emphasize fielded, meaningful military capability in the hands of operators and mission owners.

BrainGu is setting the standard for rapid deployment and scalability of mission applications. As part of our Mission App as a Service solution offering, BrainGu offers subscription and packaged app timeline products that are aligned to BrainGu’s overall mission to provide the best, cutting-edge technology to the warfighter at the tactical edge.

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