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You have heard that agile is more than standing up and burning down. It’s a complex system. I challenge you to describe SAFe in a few words (spoilers, it can’t be done). My guiding advice when approaching the topic is to start with the basics, the values of the Agile Manifesto.

This article discusses how to use a custom hook to share logic between two components; one component targeting react-dom to render HTML and another component that uses the react-pdf renderer primitives for use in creating a larger PDF component. This article is focused on sharing component logic and does not include a deep dive into React nor the react-pdf renderer so you should refer to those packages’ documentation if you need familiarization with them.

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"We’re an agile shop now." Have you heard this from an executive or leader in your organization? If so, were you underwhelmed with the impact of this statement? Becoming a truly agile organization takes more than a top-down statement or even a few teams implementing agile frameworks. True success comes from being an organization that exhibits agile values.

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A persona is a fictional but realistic description of a typical or target user of the product. A persona is an archetype instead of an actual living human, but personas should be described as real people. A key to BrainGu's product designs is that we design products around people rather than teach people how to use our products. To do so, we understand our customers - their behaviors, attitudes, needs, and goals. We get to know the end-users/operators to create a design that will satisfy their needs. Personas allow us to understand our primary users and create a product that works for them.

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To determine if a UX/UI is ‘Useful,’ we combine two qualitative measures, ‘Usability’ and ‘Utility.’ Usability measures how easy and pleasant a feature is to use, while ‘Utility’ measures its functionality. We explore usability and utility through five major areas. Learnability, Efficiency, Memorability, Errors, and Satisfaction.

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Tl;dr: UX or User Experience encompasses all aspects of the end-user interactions with the company, its services, and its products. An authentic user experience goes far beyond giving customers what they say they want. So we go deeper and research the underlying wants and needs of the end-user. To provide a high-quality user experience, we have to be seamless in our disciplines, which we discuss in detail. There are also two primary requirements to provide a superior user experience. The first is to meet the customer’s exact needs without fuss or bother. Next, focus on simplicity and elegance to produce products that are a joy to use.